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What kind of people are part of the My Life community? From members to learners, staff, visitors and volunteers, we’re a very diverse bunch, which is what makes My Life what it is! We met with Robert, 21, a student at My Life Learning, our Ofsted Registered specialist further education college, to find out about his experience of My Life.

So, Robert, how long have you been at My Life?

I’ve been at My Life Learning for two years now and I’ve just had my third year here approved.

What do you like about My Life Learning?

I’m quite an adventurous person and I like to keep busy, so I like the variety of fun activities, like woodwork, art, Duke of Edinburgh, gardening and cooking. I’ve been offsite gardening too.

I’ve been very interested in railways from a very young age. I volunteered to run My Life’s miniature railway completely solo at our Easter Picnic Weekends this year – I had to stop a few little kids putting their heads on the track! I told them not to give me a headache – we had a laugh.

What do you hope to do in the future?

Because I’m big on woodwork at My Life, I want to do woodwork on a heritage railway, I’d like to fix and make it and drive the steam engines from time to time.

Any memorable moments whilst at My Life?

One day, we were taking waste from the field and the male black pig tried to follow us, I had to get a wheelbarrow and chase it away! It was really funny – my friends couldn’t stop reminding me about it – but I took it on the chin – I can take it. Another time, I was feeding the animals and I was swarmed by chickens – you’d have thought they were a group of fans surrounding a celebrity, that’s how it felt!

Sum up what My Life means to you in three words

Fun, cool and creative because it’s such an open space and lots of fun with different activities, even if some of them can get you in a pickle at times, like those farm animals. And the friends I’ve made at My Life are the coolest dudes – we like TikToking together – sometimes we do whistling and beat boxing, like I did at My Life’s talent show ‘My Life, My Moment.’ It’s such a cool place.

To find out more about studying at My Life Learning, click here, call 01257 472 900 or email info@my-life.org.uk

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