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Inclusive music festival comes to Standish

A very special music festival is coming to My Life this July. We’ve teamed up with our colleagues at My Life My Way to host a fully inclusive festival, aimed at disabled adults.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, tickets are just £5 per person per day, which is amazing value. It will include: live music from two stages, comedy tent, UV rave, Big Bubble Man, festival hair and makeup, festival crafts, African drumming workshop, accessible football, marshmallow toasting and a human fruit machine!

Get your tickets now now, as once they’re gone, they’re gone! 
Visit www.my-life.org.uk/livelifefestival


Yes that’s right, because your young’uns have yet to dip their toes into the watery world of adult life, they get holidays every five minutes! This means that despite being off at the time of writing this post, there is another school holiday break just around the corner!

Fear not though dear parents, My Life has you covered. We will take your little cherubs off your hands and treat them to a day of such unbelievable fun that they will come home and look at their Xbox like it’s worth nothing more than putting a cup of tea on.

“How will you do this?” you ask. Well, using our patented combination of outdoorsy staff, chickens and laughter, we will delight your children with the following activities: Buschraft, Baking, Trampolining, Archery, Kite Flying, Arts, Crafts, Woodland Adventures and much more!

To book, call 01257 472900 or email sian.bint@my-life.org.uk

Download flyer

🏔️Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge Announced🏔️

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce the My Life Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge! 

On Saturday 30th of June, we will be setting off to attempt to summit not one, not two, but THREE peaks.. in one day!

“Good grief!” I hear you cry, well good grief is correct indeed, this will be no easy task, and will require all your strength, courage, willpower and all the Weetabix in your cupboard to complete!

The Yorkshire Three peaks involves a start at approx 7am, followed by a 25 mile walk, during which you will summit 3 separate mountains over the course of about 12 hours. The plan is: in short, adaptable to you.. we have booked out 40 beds at a nearby bunkhouse, some will be camping, others will be arriving on the day!

If you are interested, ALL the information you need, as well as a registration & sponsorship form is available for download here, here and here

For anything not covered, email nyle.yates@my-life.org.uk

🙏We need your vote!🙏


My Life has applied for an application for funding to provide a specialist hardressing service for people with care and support needs. We want to create the right environment for people who find regular hairdressers too busy, inaccessible and who need that bit more help and support than a regular customer!

We aim to set this up at our Standish site, but we need your help!

To vote for us, simply click the following link and register to vote!

Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


We are recruiting!

Education postsWe’ve got two exciting opportunities for the right candidates!
Closing date for both posts is 12 noon on 15 November 2017.

Head of Education

Preparing for Adulthood / Independent Living Tutor

They did it!

Although we never doubted that our intrepid explorers would conquer Mount Jebel Toubkal, it’s such a relief to have them finally back home safe! I’m sure you can’t wait to catch up with them for tales of their life-changing experiences, but it doesn’t stop there. Over the next few weeks they are planning to:

– write about their own personal journeys and publish a book
– get the best deal on a minibus, with the £15k they raised
– hold a Moroccan evening to celebrate their amazing achievements, and
– plan their next adventure, and open it up to more people

Well done everyone! Watch this space…I’m exhausted just writing about it

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