• Creating a Community Where Everyone Belongs

Creating a community where everyone belongs

My Life is a charity that connects people with their communities. We work with people of all ages and abilities who need support to live a good life, including children, young people and adults with disabilities, people with ill health or age-related problems, and people who generally feel lonely or isolated within their communities.

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Get more out of life!

We offer a range of inclusive indoor and outdoor day time opportunities for people of all ages and abilities, all under one roof/sky!

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Further education opportunities

We offer a range of further education opportunities and supported internships for young people aged 16-25 with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Further education for SEND

Marketing and lifestyle survey

Please help us to improve the way we promote our services and reach the people that need us most by completing our short marketing and lifestyle survey. All responses will be entered into our monthly draw for a chance to win a hamper of goodies, free workshops, or a stay in our on-site chalet.

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My Life is a charity that supports people of all ages, with and without disabilities.

Our aim is to reduce social isolation and loneliness by bringing people together so that they can meet new friends, build relationships, learn new things, gain confidence, be more independent, have fun, and take an active part in their local community.

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