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My Life Learning

Welcome to My Life Learning

An Ofsted registered specialist further education college, we provide a bespoke and exciting curriculum for people aged 16-25 years with additional needs.

Situated in Standish, My Life Learning is located in its own dedicated area within 84 acres of green land. We even have our own farm! We provide an alternative and inspiring environment in which you can learn and make new friends.

As part of the charity My Life, we offer an innovative and person-centred approach to education, based on the skills, gifts and needs of every individual student. Because we have flexible staffing and facilities, we can tailor the curriculum to you, with group or one to one lessons available.

Term dates

Our courses are between 3-5 days per week and last for 38 weeks, starting at the beginning of the academic year.

Autumn term 2021
  • Friday 3rd September – Inset Day
  • Monday 6th September – My Life Learning is open for learners
  • Friday 22nd October – My Life Learning closes for half term
  • Half term – Monday 25th October – Friday 29th October
  • Monday 1st November – My Life Learning is open for learners
  • Friday 17th December – My Life Learning closes for Christmas
  • Christmas break – Monday 20th December 2021 – Wednesday 5th January 2022
Spring term 2022
  • Monday 3rd January (Bank Holiday) – My Life Learning is closed for learners and staff
  • Wednesday 5th January – My Life Learning is open for learners
  • Friday 18th February – My Life Learning closes for half term
  • Half term –  Monday 21st February – Friday 25th February
  • Monday 28th February – My Life Learning is open for learners 
  • Friday 1st April – My Life Learning closes for Easter
  • Easter break – Monday 4th April – Friday 15th April
Summer term 2022
  • Monday 18th April (Bank Holiday) – My Life Learning is closed for learners and staff
  • Tuesday 19th April – Inset Day
  • Wednesday 20th April – Inset Day
  • Thursday 21st April – My Life Learning is open for learners
  • Monday 2nd May (Bank Holiday) – My Life Learning is closed for learners and staff
  • Friday 27th May – My Life Learning closes for half term
  • Half term – Monday 30th May – Friday 3rd June
  • Monday 6th June –  My Life Learning is open for learners
  • Friday 22nd July – My Life Learning closes for summer
  • Monday 5th September – Inset Day

Our curriculum

We offer an exciting range of courses, from Animal Care to Catering, through to ICT, Art, Horticulture and much, much more! This provides you with the opportunity to reach your full potential through a personalised pathway.

We will support you by helping you to identify and pursue your life and career goals, as well as giving you opportunities to interact with the local community.

Numeracy and Literacy are taught as stand-alone subjects on a 1:1 basis as well as in small groups, alongside cross-curricular activities. Many of our courses lead to a mix of accredited learning and non-accredited outcomes, which are personal to each learner.

We believe that every individual should be supported to achieve their full potential. As a result, a key focus running throughout our courses is that of preparing learners for adulthood, with as much independence as possible.

Work experience and internship opportunities

As part of your learning we can also offer you a wide range of work experience and work placements, both of which take place on and off site.

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Why choose My Life Learning?


My Life Learning is part of the charity My Life, which was set up as a result of a group of people with disabilities and their families wanting something different to traditional types of health and social care services, as well as more choice and control over their own lives.

Our staff have worked in education or the care system for periods of time, and we have seen that traditional approaches often fail the people we care about.

This is not usually because of a lack of compassion, but more often because things start with a focus on the question of “what’s the matter?” without giving enough thought to “what matters” to the person themselves.

Our firm belief is that if we do what we know works for people, if we really listen to them, if we see who they are and what they have to offer – each person different – if we walk alongside them, then we can go on to do great things.

Along with the charity’s innovative vision, mission and values, this belief is embedded deeply within My Life Learning.

Our vision

Our vision is simple – for people to have a good life. Our belief is if we all give a little, we all gain and grow together.

Our goals are based on the Citizenship Model and focus on the seven key themes below.

Our mission

We strive to work in a person-centred way with people of all ages who may need support to achieve a good life for themselves, and to enable people to feel in control of their own lives, have the emotional support to get through the tough times, and have all the information and help they need to work out their own solutions.

This is why, as well as focusing on the more academic aspects of learning, a key element of our teaching involves preparing learners for adulthood, to enable them to live a life of their choosing, both now and in the future, a life in which they have as much choice and control as possible.

Our values

Here at My Life Learning we firmly believe and follow the charity’s values, which underpin everything that we do.

As teaching professionals, we are one team, working in a collaborative manner, with no artificial or perceived boundaries;

  • We celebrate and value the contribution of all people to society;
  • We respect individual aspirations and needs; and,
  • We provide person-centred high quality, life-enriching services.

Through the provision of high-quality education and support, we aim to give all our learners a purpose, independence, and a sense of belonging.

Choose My Life Learning and you will be choosing all that and much, much more. 

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Our curriculum

Our curriculum is designed around the Preparing for Adulthood framework, creating individualised programmes that are focused on four key outcomes for young people, enabling them to reach their own potential: 

  • Employment 
  • Friends, relationships and community 
  • Independent living 
  • Good health 

Made up of a wide range of interesting and stimulating courses, our curriculum leads to a mix of accredited learning and non-accredited outcomes, personal to you.

We support all our learners to achieve their full potential, which is why, as well as teaching core subjects, we help to prepare them for adulthood through a range of options. 

All our teachers have relevant qualifications and an extensive range of experience. 

Our wide range of subjects, chosen to offer a wealth of experiences, include the below.

Core subjects:

English and Maths

Both English and Maths are taught as group and 1:1 sessions, as well as being embedded throughout the curriculum. After undergoing an initial assessment in both curriculum areas, each of our learners then follow the appropriate accreditation pathway, suitable for their needs.

Animal Care, including Equine, Farm and Small Animals

Learn about all aspects of animal care, from feeding right through to grooming, with the horses, ducks, pigs and other furry creatures on our very own farm!

Here, you’ll get the chance to work with a wide array of small and large animals, understand their diet and health needs and undertake practical activities such as egg collection and grading.

The course includes the opportunity to specialise in Equine Studies, encompassing a wide variety of horse related activities, from riding our horses and carrying out health checks to understanding equine nutritional needs and feeding.

Horticulture (on and off site, in the community)

Develop your green fingers by discovering more about the natural produce on our farm, from flowers to fruit and vegetables.  Learn to grow your own produce in our indoor polytunnels and outside horticulture spaces!

By becoming involved in the whole growing and harvesting process you’ll understand the horticultural needs of individual fruits and vegetables, as well as increasing your wider knowledge of where and how our food chain starts.


Discover and cultivate the skills for a fulfilling and happy life, both personal and interpersonal. Use our three on-site chalets to practice real life skills, from making your own bed to washing and ironing your clothes!

With food preparation a key area, we focus on meal planning, including elements of budgeting, shopping, food preparation and safe storage of ingredients. All these skills support our learners in becoming more independent and making the best choices for themselves.


Here, we focus on developing the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to keep our learners healthy and safe and prepare them for life and work.

With a focus on the three core themes of Health and Wellbeing, Relationships, and Living in the Wider World, we also cover E-Safety, exploring potential online risks and giving information about how to stay safe online. 

Vocational Skills and Experience

Learn about the different vocational skills required in the world of work, including the opportunity to undertake real-life work experience and internships.

The majority of our learners are involved in some aspect of work experience or work placements, where they are able to develop transferable skills such as communication and teamworking.

The course generates an understanding of how organisations work, brings jobs to life and helps build confidence through interaction with adults in a work environment.

Some of our learners use this opportunity to confirm an interest in a career and some continue their placements beyond their course.

Additional subjects:

Health, Fitness and Wellbeing

Enjoy a range of sports and fitness activities and understand how to improve and maintain your wellbeing. Through Health, Fitness and Wellbeing, you will learn to understand the importance of looking after your body and your mind, as well as exciting practical ways to keep you healthy.

Resistant Materials

Learn the skills required to design and make exciting new products with materials such as wood, metal and plastics. You’ll even get the chance to become involved in mini enterprise activities, by selling them at our market stalls and pop up shop!

Cycle Maintenance and Repair Workshop

Have a go at maintaining and repairing cycles in our fully kitted out bike workshop! Here, you’ll become involved in the repair and maintenance of bikes at all levels as well as building new bikes from old parts.

From basic checks to the essential tools you should carry, right through to fixing punctures and adjusting your brake and gear cables, for safe and happy cycling it’s important to understand how to check and maintain your bicycle for optimum performance.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Challenge yourself and learn new interests and skills, through this epic mark of achievement, recognised by employers.

Through this programme our learners have fun, make friends, improve their self-esteem and build confidence.

They gain essential skills and attributes for work and life such as resilience, problem-solving, team-working, communication and drive, enhancing their CVs and job applications.


From cookery to waiting on, learn the fundamentals of good catering and hospitality. We consider cooking an essential life skill and we teach our learners to do this with confidence.

Entirely hands on, sessions are taught in small groups, with learners developing and practising essential practical skills as well as understanding budgeting, shopping and food safety. Here, you can develop meal planning skills and produce your own dishes to share with family and friends.


Get creative and learn how to use a wide range of different media to make your very own works of art.

Through our Art course you will learn skills including creative thinking, independence, problem solving, hand-eye coordination and communication.  

All sessions encourage self-expression and creativity and help to build confidence as well as a sense of individual identity.


Explore what it takes to run a business and become a successful entrepreneur. Here, our learners develop the practical and creative skills required to run a viable business, as well as cultivating skills for learning, life and work and enriching their sense of social justice.

Through our hands-on learning environment and entrepreneurial operation located in our college setting, learners are involved with identifying, creating, and selling goods or services that meet the needs of the specified market. Previous projects have included making and selling wooden snowmen and Father Christmases on a stall at our local Christmas market.

Therapeutic Intervention

Here, we work with learners to improve their wellbeing through a wide range of interesting activities such as Mindfulness. These practices can help learners increase their ability to regulate emotions and decrease stress, anxiety and depression. Learners also discover how to focus their attention and observe their thoughts and feelings without judgement.

View our 2019/2020 timetable here.

Accredited learning pathways

Our study programmes are accredited by AIM Qualifications and Ascentis.

Through AIM qualifications, our learners study towards achieving vocationally related qualifications (AIMVOCs) in Personal and Social Development, Employability and Independent Living.

Regardless of their starting point, all learners continue to develop in their learning in Maths and English whilst following their study programmes. Through Ascentis qualifications, we are able to offer a full range of English and Maths qualifications from Entry 1 to Level 2. This is very flexible and allows a learner to select the units they need to develop, underpinning the skills and knowledge they need to progress, whilst also building confidence.

Non-accredited learning pathways

We embed the Preparing for Adulthood (PfA) outcomes across the curriculum and we measure the progress and achievement of learners on non-accredited learning programmes through RARPA (Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement).

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Meeting your needs

Our unique facilities and flexible staffing allow us to provide a bespoke curriculum that meets the requirements of students with a variety of needs.

We have expertise in meeting the needs of students with conditions including but not limited to:

  • Severe learning difficulties
  • Physical disabilities
  • Behavioural difficulties
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Communication difficulties
  • Epilepsy and/or associated neurological conditions
  • Specific learning difficulties
  • Moderate learning difficulties
  • Emotional difficulties
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Our facilities

Learn in natural surroundings

Set in our own dedicated area within 84 acres of green land, we provide an alternative and inspiring environment in which to learn.

On site facilities include classrooms, an IT suite and indoor and outdoor activity areas. 

We are also fortunate to have our own farm, on which learners can become involved in animal care and horticulture.

Products grown and made by students are often sold at our many events, giving learners the opportunity to become involved in commerce and enterprise. 

Real-life learning

As well as offering work experience placements, we have access to café and residential chalet facilities, which provide learning in hospitality and catering, both front and back of house, providing opportunities for learners to experience real-world settings. 

As part of the charity My Life Legacy, we are registered with the Care Quality Commission. The My Life Learning site is entirely accessible with specialist healthcare support staff and facilities, including a fully accessible hygiene suite, also available to learners. 

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Our team

John Mitchell, Head of Education  

John has a strong background teaching in the post 16 Independent Specialist College sector.  Starting his career in the field as a Learning Support Assistant at a college in Yorkshire, he quickly moved into a teaching role in a variety of subjects including Performing Arts and Functional Skills, before leading the ICT and Media Department. 

Within this period John contributed articles to national publications around the use of ICT and Assistive Technology to aid learning and independence and held workshops on the subject. 

Transplanting back to the North-West, where he originated, for six years he worked as the Quality and Data Support Manager at another Independent Specialist College, then took on the mantle of Head of College, before joining us at My Life Learning.

At My Life Learning John oversees every aspect of the running of the college, working closely with the wider team to ensure that we offer a supportive and effective environment for learners to flourish.  As Head of Education he has developed a strategic role within the Senior Management Team, working in partnership with North West Specialist Colleges, local authorities and other bodies to bring about the most positive outcomes for our students.      

Sue Cadman, Deputy Head Teacher

Sue joined the My Life Learning team in June 2018 as Deputy Head Teacher and brings a wealth of teaching and management experience. She started her teaching career in 1990 in Essex and then moved back to the North-West, where she continued her teaching in a mainstream high school.

Sue trained as a Food Technology teacher and taught this subject for 25 years to GCSE level. She quickly became a member of the Pastoral Team, starting as Form Tutor, which led to successive promotions to Head of Year and then to Assistant Head Teacher in charge of Pastoral Care. This role included developing behaviour policies and staff training in behaviour management, ensuring all learners were able to achieve their potential in a fully supported environment. Sue held the lead responsibility for child protection issues in school. Her role included delivering regular in-service training for all staff, alongside liaising with external child protection agencies.

At My Life, Sue is responsible for the efficient day to day running of the curriculum and staffing. She has been designing a curriculum which enables all learners to maximise their full potential whilst supporting them to achieve the best for themselves. She is currently enrolled on a Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism qualification, which is supporting her understanding of learners on the autism spectrum and the theories used in diagnosing this.

Being a mother of two teenage boys, one with a diagnosis of autism, she understands the pressures and worries families have when it comes to ensuring that their children get the opportunity to reach their full potential. Sue is passionate about ensuring all our learners have the opportunity to identify and pursue their life and career goals.

Caroline Lamb, Data, Quality and Careers Lead

Caroline’s background is in teaching across all primary years, from Foundation Stage to Year 6.  While teaching, she carried out the roles of SENCo, Deputy Head and then Acting Head.  As SENCo, Caroline developed a whole school intervention programme to ensure positive outcomes for all pupils. She also delivered assessment training and moderation events for the local authority and led the school in the development of a creative curriculum.

At My Life, Caroline quality assures the diverse range of qualifications that the learners undertake, to ensure quality and progression for all.  She is passionate about learners being supported in undertaking quality and meaningful work placements, to empower them ready for the next steps into adulthood. Caroline is currently undertaking the Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance and Advice. 

Caroline Tomlinson, Animal Care and Equine Management Teacher

Caroline is the Founder and CEO of My Life and is the resident teacher for Animal Care and Equine Management.

As a fully qualified British Horse Society Instructor Caroline has vast experience in working with farm animals nationally.

Her career includes working for the acclaimed equestrian author Carol Foster at her Riding School in Suffolk as well as being Head Girl at Lassell House In Wrightington.

Caroline then changed career and specialised in home tutoring her son with SEND, working within inclusive settings as well as developing personalised approaches across Health and Social Care.

She is qualified in Education and Learning, is an acclaimed and inspiring presenter and likes to keep ‘her hand in the soil’ by bringing all of her skills together by running learning sessions with students.

Nicola Wareing, Maths and English Co-ordinator and Teacher

Nicola has been teaching in further education for the last fifteen years, starting with basic IT, Business Administration and Apprenticeship Assessment, before moving into her passion for Maths.

During her time at a large college she developed her skills in delivering Maths from Entry level 1 up to GCSE as well as developing the curriculum within foundation studies and supporting staff development in her quality role; including promoting Maths and English within all curriculum areas.

In recent years Nicola has worked as a SENCo and Maths and English Manager within a small training provider and further developed her skills by completing a level 5 Management Apprenticeship and level 2 Autism Awareness Course.

Since joining My Life in 2019, Nicola has worked to introduce Maths and English qualifications for all students and has supported staff in the embedding of Maths and English within vocational areas. Nicola’s aim is to introduce students to the importance of Maths and English skills as a life skill, that will be used in both work and independent living.

Carolyn Durkin, Practical Workshop Life Skills Teacher

After looking for a new challenge, Carolyn joined the My Life Learning team as a teacher in September 2019 and is thoroughly enjoying her role with the “wonderful, special learners on our fabulous site.”

Carolyn taught in mainstream high school education for twenty-seven years. Previous to this she worked in administrative posts before moving into personnel and training management roles in the retail sector.

With the support of existing My Life Learning staff she has set up a wonderful, newly equipped workshop which has created a colourful, welcoming and stimulating working environment for our learners.

Carolyn is responsible for teaching practical workshop life skills and she has devised projects that develop these skills, are enjoyable and that conclude with our learners taking home products that they are proud to have made.

Kevin Massey, Governor

Kevin is an experienced education professional, with expertise in school improvement, leadership development, change management, complex data analysis and performance management.

This extensive experience has given Kevin a deep understanding of the challenges which confront schools and local authorities in current legislation, financial constraints and the political landscape.

Kevin currently works with a range of Multi Academy Trusts (MAT) and primary and secondary schools in a variety of contexts. He specialises in developing the leadership capacity in a MAT, particularly the key leader and MAT governance. 

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Work skills and employability

My Life Learning is committed to supporting young people to achieve positive outcomes from their time with us. For some learners this includes progression into employment.

Through Careers Education and Guidance, our students:

  • Develop a positive self-image, in relation to future learning and work roles, based on an accurate assessment and recording of their abilities and aptitudes
  • Acquire aspirations for their future based on a sound understanding of the range of immediate and lifelong opportunities available through learning and work, and of career progression structures
  • Develop skills to form and implement effective decisions and a reflective approach to learning from experience

Work experience placements

Many of our learners have enjoyed taking part in a wide range of work experience placements which take place both on and off site in the community, with support from our experienced job coaches.

These are included in our review process, ensuring that they result in meaningful outcomes for our learners.

You can read about our learners’ experiences below.

Sumaiyah makes light work of her placement at Barnado’s!

Learner Sumaiyah made amazing progress during her weekly work experience at Barnardo’s.

Despite initially being slightly hesitant to make decisions for herself, after building up good relationships with Barnardo’s staff and her support, she learnt to work more independently and showed a good level of confidence whilst completing her tasks.

Teaching Assistant Nichola Aspinall said:

“It has been lovely to see Sumaiyah develop and flourish within a real working environment – the positive attitude she now has towards work should be celebrated!”

Store Manager Helen Eccleston echoed Nicola’s praise, saying:

“At the start of the placement Sumaiyah needed quite a bit of support and prompting regarding tasks assigned to her, but over the weeks she has really blossomed.

Her confidence has grown and she has developed her skills and is now at a point where she uses her initiative to start new tasks without being asked.

Sumaiyah has also become extremely independent in undertaking any tasks assigned to her. Sumaiyah has a positive, friendly attitude and it has been a pleasure to have her working with us, she has become a valued member of our team.”


Luke shows he has green fingers during his work experience at The Grange Community Gardens

Learner Luke Unsworth performed brilliantly during his work placement at The Grange Community Gardens in Preston. Having been given a wide variety of gardening tasks to complete by manager Chris, including planting tomato plants, wildflowers, potatoes, peas, spreading manure(!) weeding and edging, Luke has thrived in his new working environment.

Learning Support Jane Crompton said of Luke:

“The Grange has proved a great placement for Luke. It’s a very welcoming and relaxing space that is used by many volunteers and has a real community feel about it. Luke has been enthusiastic about his placement. We have been working a lot on increasing Luke’s attention and independence when completing tasks. This is an area Luke is improving in and he had a great session re-planting 16 tomato plants recently, almost entirely independently (from sorting different varieties to making sure they were firmly bedded in). I was very proud of him.”

Liam demonstrates his passion for animals at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary

Learner Liam is passionate about animals and is studying towards a Level Two qualification in Animal Care, including Health and Safety in the Workplace.

As part of his course, Liam has been undertaking a work placement at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary, where he has developed the skills required to care for various animals, from rabbits and horses to hedgehogs.

Liam has developed his resilience whilst working or, in his own words, learnt “to go with the flow and get on with the job.” Whilst at the animal sanctuary, he has developed a good understanding of the world of work. This has included working alongside others, listening to instructions and being able to carry out tasks efficiently and independently.

Alex Fisher, Manager of the sanctuary, has spoken very highly of Liam and says:

“Liam has now learnt how to clean out the rabbits unsupervised, clean the goats, horses, donkey and duck houses. Liam always arrives on time and is well presented. He is friendly and gets on well with the staff and volunteers here at Woodlands.”

Luke is in pole position as he helps out at Halfords

Learner Luke has developed his confidence whilst learning new skills on the shop floor at Halfords.

Fitting in well with the team, he  has consistently demonstrated a positive attitude in the workplace and has been keen to learn new skills by undertaking tasks such as keeping the shelves ordered and stocked, as well as working in the bicycle department.

Halford’s General Manager Greg says of Luke: 

“Luke has been working really hard and we are happy to have him on board, well done Luke, keep up the good work!”

What our work experience providers say…

We’re so proud of our learners, who give so much through their work experience. Here’s what just some of our work experience providers have to say about them.

“The group have been a big help over the last few weeks. It’s often the case that while groups get a lot out of being here, we don’t necessarily get much in the way of work in return. But your group have done everything asked of them really well and seem to take a real pride in what they do. Thanks again.” 

Chris Taylor, Volunteer Co-ordinator, Let’s Grow Preston

“Bradley has been working with us since January and we couldn’t be happier with his progress. Customers and staff alike comment on how he has become so confident and content in his role.

Bradley greets all of our visitors and explains how Book Cycle works. He organises donated books, assists with small maintenance jobs and even creates posters and flyers. He makes a decent cup of tea too!

Bradley is a joy to be around. His pleasant demeanour brings visitors back time and time again and his work ethic has been a massive help to us.” 

Rachel Palmer, Book Cycle


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What our learners say about us

Our learners are at the heart at everything we do. 

This year our students have made this fantastic video, explaining what they’ve loved about their past year at My Life Learning! Please note that all photographs were taken prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our learners tell all

“I have been learning how to do things for myself and by myself – I can now go to the toilet by myself, take my plate back to the kitchen, sort out my own lunchbox (putting it in the fridge and collecting it from the fridge). I am becoming more independent.” Nathaniel A

“I have got better at socialising.” Jacob B

“I have enjoyed Maths and I have learnt about pronouns and adverbs in English.” Thomas C

“I have enjoyed learning in my new lessons – Woodwork, Gardening, Media and Art. In Woodwork I have enjoyed making the wizards, witches and ghosts and I have learnt to use different tools in the workshop. I have enjoyed making stuff and getting creative!” Robert

“I enjoy all my learning and working in PSHE – I have been very busy learning about cyber bullying. I am happy at My Life.” James C

“I enjoy Fridays when I do the dog walk and Dance and Drama.  We do a quiz and karaoke. I love singing and answering questions.” Ryan

“I like working with the chickens and the pigs.  I like counting the chicken eggs! I learned how to count backwards like a rocket take-off!” Gareth

“I have learnt to be happier and more confident and cope with changes better.” Bradley M

“Everything has gone well! I’m really enjoying my work experience day at The Grange. I’ve learnt a bit of everything – how to pull weeds up safely in Horticulture and we even pressed our own apple juice. I’ve got better at reading and making sentences in English and doing sums in Maths. I enjoy the workshop as there is always something different to do….we made a pencil holder!” Luke O

“I’ve enjoyed Horse Care on Tuesdays and I’ve learnt how to health check the horses. I enjoy working with the horses the most.” Tilly R

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What our learners' families say about us

We’re always keen to get feedback. This is what the families of our students have said about us.

“My Life Learning have been brilliant with my child. It is the only educational setting he has been happy at. Not only has he interacted, he’s made friends and become a happier young man.”

“Thanks so much for giving them this opportunity, they are really going to thrive.”

“He’s so happy to go to college in the morning, he’s sleeping better and he’s loving his options.”

“He actually said and signed to me the other day that he saw the ducks having a bath in the water – before, he never told me what he did at school.”

“It’s wonderful to see the fab write ups in his diary and the meaningful and fun learning opportunities he is experiencing.”

“Just wanted to share a very proud moment with you and your staff. Last night when Gareth was at Duke of Edinburgh, they were learning map reading. Chris who leads the group came to me telling me how impressed he was with Gareth as he knew every sign. I told him that he had been learning about this at My Life Learning (Duke of Edinburgh). Can’t tell you how proud I was! Thought it was important to share this as I’m sure the staff would be very proud of Gareth too. Thank you for making Gareth’s learning meaningful and fun. This is the first time in years I have felt stress free about Gareth’s education, he’s just so happy!”

“Nathaniel has made fantastic progress towards his targets and outcomes and the provision that My Life offers, many opportunities to consistently work towards and meet his outcomes. We are delighted with Nathaniel’s development since September, particularly around his communication, independence and managing his anxiety. He is a far more relaxed and independent young man and the surroundings, provision and staff are bringing out the very best in him. We wish to thank the wonderful team who support Nathaniel each day and enable him to have the very best provision and opportunities and have supported and cared for him brilliantly – the achievements are amazing! Thank you so much.”

“Luke has enjoyed work experience which has extended his interests beyond his previous very limited interests i.e. Eurovision and football. He has particularly enjoyed working at The Grange and horticulture related activities.

I think that Luke has benefited most from the group work experience. His confidence has grown, and he is now happier conversing with people outside his usual small circle of family and friends. Moreover, I think that Luke can now envisage a future that includes gainful employment.”

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Here at My Life Learning we welcome learners from any location and any school.

We realise that choosing a college can seem like a daunting task, so we’re keen to make it as easy as possible for you.  

That’s why we recommend that you make an appointment to visit us, so that you can have a look around and meet our tutors. 

How to apply to My Life Learning 
  • Step 1: Phone to arrange to come and visit us here at My Life Learning. 
  • Step 2: Next, ask us for an application form, fill it in and send it back to us.  
  • Step 3: We will collect information from your current or previous learning provider. After this, we will use this information to carry out a pre-assessment. 
  • Step 4: If your application is approved, based on the pre-assessment, we will invite you to My Life Learning for a friendly and informal assessment session.  
  • Step 5: If, after the assessment session, your application is successful, you will be offered a preliminary place at My Life Learning until funding is confirmed with your local authority. 
  • Step 6: Once your funding is approved we will start your transition package, which will be tailor made to you. 

You can apply for a place with us at any time during the academic year, although we do advise that the earlier you do this, the better, so that time can be given to confirm funding with your local authority.

Welcoming new learners

We understand the emotional impact that new environments can have on new students and always put in place a transitional period when they join us, which helps smooth their pathway to learning.

Contact us 

If you’re interested in applying to My Life Learning or finding out more, you can call us on 01257 472 900 or email us at mylifelearning@my-life.org.uk

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Our policies

We take the wellbeing of our students and staff very seriously and have policies in place to ensure this.

A full range of the My Life Learning policies can be obtained by contacting us on 01257 472 900.

Anti-bullying policy

Challenging behaviour policy

Equality and diversity policy

Remote Education Information

Service user equality policy

Safeguarding policy

16-19 Tuition Fund Statement

Curriculum Policy


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Contact us

If you and your family are making choices about your future, we recommend that you make an appointment to visit us so that you can chat with tutors and have a look around. 

Tel: 01257 472 900

Email: mylifelearning@my-life.org.uk


My Life Learning,

Thompson House Equestrian Centre,

Off Pepper Lane, Standish,

Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0PP

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