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“What My Life Means to Me”: Samantha Moss-Gibbons, Animal Care Apprentice

My Life is a community of diverse individuals all working together.

That’s what makes our charity what it is, so we thought it would be nice to find out a bit more about the people who are part of our community! 

This week is National Apprenticeship Week, so who better to start with than Samantha Moss Gibbons, our Animal Care Apprentice?

How I got here

Samantha has always loved animals. Having worked at a local Equestrian Centre, she owns two horses, three dogs and after an unfortunate incident involving guinea pig gender identification, Samantha says “too many guinea pigs to count…”

After spending some time on a course at a local college, Samantha quickly realised that a more formal study environment wasn’t for her.  Having heard that an Animal Care Apprenticeship was available at My Life, she leapt at the chance to learn in a more hands-on environment.

Where I am now

An Apprenticeship is a way to combine a paid, practical job with study and Samantha feels that this suits her. Five months into her role, Samantha is now really enjoying her learning, which she does alongside caring for My Life’s menagerie of pigs, goats, chickens and of course, horses.

And it’s not just about the work. As Samantha says: “I feel really comfortable here, because it’s such a lovely atmosphere. Everyone is really nice. Being here is building my confidence. I know a bit more about the world of work now and I’m less nervous about it.”

Where I could be in the future

Let’s face it, very few of us knew what we wanted to be when we were younger, but an Apprenticeship opens doors and gives the opportunity for new experiences.

“I’d thought about a career maybe as a dog groomer, but I didn’t know enough about it” says Samantha. “I spent a bit of time in My Life’s Doggy Day Care and now I’m thinking that this may be the way I want to go.”

So, in honour of National Apprenticeship Week, what advice would Samantha give to someone considering an Apprenticeship? “It’s simple. If I’d known how happy I would have been doing an Apprenticeship, I would have done it sooner!”

Find out more about opportunities at My Life, as a member of staff, fundraiser or volunteer, here

Discover more about National Apprenticeship Week here.  

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