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Based in the heart of Standish at the fully refurbished and accessible Harlor House, My Life Works is an exciting new work-based venture hosted by My Life which enables people with additional needs to learn new skills in work experience roles, and contribute to their community in a meaningful and productive way. 

We offer a series of work-based opportunities led by experienced tutors, taking on everything from artisan apprentices working with wood or metals to hospitality. You can also sign up to sessions on gardening services, bicycle repair, facilities maintenance, retail operations and much more.  

These will evolve into sustainable micro social enterprises benefitting the community, carved around and run by adults with special educational needs and disabilities. 

We want to support people on their journey through life, to show themselves and others that they are capable of independent, meaningful activity. One of our aims is that people can leave My Life Works able to go into other work environments in the community, with the right support and commitment to inclusion.  

We also want to use people’s new-found confidence and abilities to help them have a sense of fulfilment, purpose and achievement. There may be the possibility of acquiring qualifications at the end of a structured course of activities – or even a job – but these aren’t the sole goals. We want everyone who comes to My Life Works to feel part of a community, learn new skills and be given the chance to try new things. As with everything My Life does, positive outcomes are key.  

Who We Are

My Life is a charity which believes everyone has skills, gifts and talents waiting to be maximised. Our person-centred approach to care and support has developed into a meaningful Life Opportunities programme at Thompson House and Leigh Sports Village and a CQC-registered care service (My Life Support).  

We value what people can do and at My Life Works we will creatively carve out roles that enable every person to meaningfully contribute. This we will do with compassion, integrity, courage, vision, and commitment. 

Our staff at My Life Works have career-long experience in working with people that need extra support to life a good life, as well as the work-based skills that make them excellent tutors and mentors.  

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What We Do

Our base at Harlor House in Standish is open from 9am to 5pm, five days a week, throughout the year. Our rolling programme of sessions led by experienced tutors are work-based opportunities and micro-enterprises which take place both at Harlor House and in the community under supervision and with support. 

No previous experience or ability is necessary; you can try whatever you think suits you, or try something completely new! The aim is that you learn new skills, increase your confidence and transfer those skills into your community through work roles, volunteering or even your own enterprises. 

Our programme includes… 

  • Bicycle maintenance and repair 
  • Hospitality roles 
  • Estate and Facilities Management and maintenance 
  • Uniform upcycling/retail sales 
  • Craft and design including woodworking, metalworking, furniture upcycling
  • E-Commerce, inventory management and retail
  • Gardening services and site maintenance
  • Reception and admin roles

This is not an exhaustive list by any means; if you have an idea for a work-based role or micro-enterprise which you would like to see My Life Works offer, let us know.  Somebody came to My Life Works interested in candle-making; we secured the equipment necessary to produce candles at scale and now he’s off making candles for the Christmas market!

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How To Join Us

We offer 3, 6, 12 or 24 month placements, 1 to 5 days a week. 4-6 week placements and placements over summer holidays are also offered from July to September for those in specialist further education 

Many people will come to My Life Works using their funding for social care or a personal budget, and we can help with the process of signing up to a day or number of days a week at Harlor House. You are more than welcome to do a short-term, 12 week placement to start with at My Life Works, where we sit down with you and work out exactly what you’d like to do and what you’d like to achieve.

Not everybody who will benefit has funding attached however. Please don’t let that be a barrier – get in touch and we can explore other avenues including through education.  

We are also open to philanthropic donations to fund people who would gain from sessions at My Life Works.  

Please contact us today if you would like to find out more about how you or your loved one can benefit from My Life Works. 

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Qualifications & Training

Because you will be experiencing work-based roles under the supervision of fully trained, experienced tutors, in some instances you may be able to work towards recognised qualifications through the Open Awards, an Awarding Organisation approved by Ofqual the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). They also support the delivery of traineeships and apprenticeships.  

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Policies & Safeguarding

All our staff are skilled, DBS-checked and fully trained in how to work with people that have additional needs.  

My Life Works and Harlor House should be a happy, purposeful and safe place where people feel enabled to be the best they can be. My Life has full safeguarding policies, procedures and officers which cover My Life Works and Harlor House.  

If you would like to see a copy of our safeguarding policy and procedure, or you have a query or concern you would like to raise, please contact us.   

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How you can help

One of the objectives of My Life Works is to make the community a better and kinder place to live.  We have been very grateful of the offers of support from local businesses who have donated everything from tools to cleaning products and excess stock – but we need more!  

Your business might also want to sponsor a specific area of Harlor House – please get in touch to find out how your CSR programme might align with our vision. 

We’re also keen to speak to volunteers who want to use their skills to help others at My Life Works.   

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What people say about us

As soon as we took the lease on Harlor House, we gradually began to offer people in the community the opportunity to experience My Life Works. We’re delighted to say including people in meaningful work-based activity has already resulted in some incredible outcomes. But don’t take our word for it – listen to our first My Life Workers! 

“We’re learning so many different things at My Life Works, there’s lots I could do for a job after being here.” 


“I enjoy my time at My Life Works, it helps me with my stress and anxiety. I feel more confident when I’m here.” 


“I’ve never been taught how to use tools before. Now I feel so confident with them I’ll be able to put some shelves up in my bedroom on my own.” 


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Contact us

To find out more about My Life Works, please contact us today!

Telephone: 01257 472 900

Email: info@my-life.org.uk

Address: My Life Works, Harlor House, Grove Lane, Standish, Wigan, WN6 0ES 

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