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Membership of My Life is just £60 per year.

My Life is a membership based organisation that helps give you and your family great support and benefits.

You don’t have to be a member to attend My Life, or to come to our events and training courses.  However, it’s well worth doing so as there are lots of benefits to membership.

You can also sign up offline. Get in touch here for more information.

Yearly Membership

£60 per year

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  • Discounts for day opportunities, short breaks, children’s activities, events, and dog grooming/day care
  • Free or discounted training courses
  • Free reiki and holistic therapy sessions (Standish site)
  • Up to one hour of free, professional legal advice on how to set up powers of attorney, wills, trusts and the administration of estates
  • Personal assistant matching service – we train and screen all our PAs, and if you are looking for support we can match you with the right person
  • Access to information, advice and support on any aspect of getting a good life for your loved one

Information, advice and support

On any aspect of getting a good life for your loved one. 

We understand personal budgets, personalisation, support planning, getting good care and support inside out for children and adults alike, and can help you to navigate yourself around the system.

If we don’t have the answer we know many people who do, so can put you in touch.


Training, learning and conferences

We host a wide a range of discounted and free events for our members, which you can attend yourself or send along your staff.

Our training programme derives from what people tell us they need, that will make the biggest difference. We bring in specialist experts in their field from all over the world with great knowledge.

Help for self-funders

If your family member needs care, help or support but they have money saved or own their own property, you may not be entitled to or indeed want help from the state.

We know many families simply don’t know what to do, but don’t worry we can help. We work with individuals and families to help them choose good quality care and support that is good value for money.

We can also help you if things go wrong, or you are not happy with the care and support you receive.

Help to find and keep great support staff

We have a regular flow of people coming into My Life who want to work in social and health care that we train up and screen. If you are looking to employ someone direct as a family, we can match you to someone who will meet your requirements.

We can also help you sort out job descriptions, contracts of employment, interview staff and even support you if things get difficult or go wrong. We are even looking at developing a real opportunity for people to pool their personal budget, share staff and get better value for money.

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