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People are what makes My Life what it is. Whether you’re a member or learner, staff member, volunteer or visitor, it’s good to get to know each other. This month,  we meet Amy Galvin, one of our My Life Opportunities members, to find out about her experience of My Life.

How long have you been at My Life?

I was one of the first students at My Life Learning, so I’ve been here quite a while. Now I’m at My Life Opportunities and I’m sometimes supported by My Life Support too.

What do you like about attending My Life Opportunities?

I like that there’s lots of different things to do. When I’m coming to My Life, I think ‘I’ll have a go at that!’ I’ll try anything – splash and fluid arts, floristry, trips. I did a felting workshop a while back and made a hare, after that I got the bug – I do a lot of felting at home now and at My Life I show other people how to do it, if they want to listen to me!  At the moment I’m helping to make My Life’s Christmas Tree Lady – she’s going to look great.

How does coming to My Life make you feel?

When I finish something like the Christmas Tree Lady, or I help someone, I feel really proud of myself. When we were doing our drumming session everyone got confused by the rhythm we were taught, so I broke it up and made it easier and they got it right then. When I help someone, it’s mission accomplished! I really like learning things at My Life and then doing them on my own at home, like horticulture – I grew my own cucumber at home.

What would you like to do in the future?

I’ve got a Diploma in Small Animal Care, so maybe something to do with animals. I’ve got 3 guinea pigs, 3 rabbits, 3 dogs and 2 cats, one we call ‘the ginger ninja’ because he keeps catching wild rabbits. I like animals – unlike children, they don’t answer you back!

Any memorable moments whilst at My Life?

I’ve had some great times staying in the chalets and having tea with my friend Haydn. Sometimes we have a chippy tea or a Chinese. Going to the Britain’s Got Talent auditions in Manchester was really exciting – we met David Walliams and Simon Cowell – he’s really short, I didn’t realise how short he is!

Sum up what My Life means to you in three words

‘Meaningful things to do’ or, ‘a good day.’ I look forward to My Life. We laugh all the time and I always wonder what we’re going to do, what new things I’m going to learn.

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