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Finding your current situation stressful? Try these Mindfulness exercises to help reduce any tensions

The pandemic has brought many changes to our lives. For some of us, this has increased our stress levels.

Changes to routine, not being able to go out enough, going to work through the pandemic, or not being able to work and see our friends, we all have different challenges to face and we all respond differently to them.

If you’re finding things hard, or simply want some time for yourself, why not try this mindfulness audio exercise? At only three minutes long, you can try fitting it into your day.

Or how about the following mindfulness exercises? All are designed to help you take a moment, slow down and try to alleviate some of those stresses and tensions. Thank you to My Life’s Dawn for sharing them with us.  

With all of the exercises, remember to engage each of your senses and to take your time. The text following each exercise just scratches the surface. Go deeper and make the exercise your own!

During your practice, when judgements, other thoughts, or any other distractions occur, do not fuss over them, but gently turn your attention back to the exercise.

Explore a fruit

Take an orange, or other fruit and observe, describe and explore it. What are the visual features, what does it feel like, and what does it smell like? Now, slowly start to peel the orange and continue to tune in to each sense. Notice any emotions, thoughts, or other experiences that you have during this process, but cling to nothing, instead staying engaged in the activity. Ultimately, you may choose to mindfully eat the orange.

Connect with a sound

Put on music, listen to the sounds of waves, nature, or another soothing sound, or pick up on the naturally occurring sounds around you (the hum of an appliance, the sound of traffic, or the bustle of a workplace). Close your eyes and tune in to your chosen sound. Stay with the sound, returning to it when a distraction happens, and perhaps notice how you breathe along with it.

Create a safe place

In your mind, create a place that is safe and comfortable. It may be a room, a cabin in the woods, or an imaginary land where you are protected by fire-breathing dragons! Use your senses to fully enter the safe place. Notice how it looks, paying attention to even the smallest details. Notice the sounds, or the silence. How does it feel? Stay in this place for a while and go there whenever you need to soothe and calm yourself.

Finding your current situation stressful? Try these Mindfulness exercises to help reduce any tensions

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