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Course: Getting Back In The Saddle – Helping Women Feel Empowered After Lockdown, Through Equine Guided Learning

Five-week course, Saturdays from 24th April, 10.30am until 3.30pm

The last year has been very difficult, but for those who have had to juggle family life, children, a career, home schooling, caring responsibilities, relationships, feeling isolated, lonely or simply ‘just having to do everything,’ life has been really tough. The mental health of women has suffered terribly during the pandemic and we want to help you to ‘get back in the saddle.’

As little girls many of us loved the thought of being with horses. Some of us achieved the dream, others just imagined galloping free. As adults we simply haven’t had time, we can’t afford it, we are too fat, not fit enough or are frightened by something that happened in the distant past. We give ourselves so many excuses of why we shouldn’t, but now is the opportunity to re-live your dream and do something for you.

We have crafted a five-week course combining person centred coaching and the use of our horses and other animals as partners in the delivery.

The benefits to you

We will help you to realise your own dreams and goals, discover how to make them become a reality, build your confidence, self-esteem, feel in control and experience real joy, being with horses and our other animals. This is a chance to slow down as we offer guided instruction, response and reflective practice, enabling you to communicate in a way in which the horse understands, through body language and movement.

You will have the chance to learn from our horses by developing a true relationship that is hugely rewarding and empowering. You’ll understand how they respond to each other and to humans, through guided observation. You will spend time touching, stroking and grooming them, learning how they move and generally building your confidence with them. For some, climbing aboard will be your ultimate aim, for others just being with the horses will be enough. You will be encouraged to develop at your own pace and reach your personal goals.

“Horses are magical beautiful beings that don’t judge, they seek love, an open heart, a humble soul and are a joy to be with. To express ourselves in the same way as horses understand, is to let the power of our emotions flow, to be present, engaged and feel connected.”

Who is the course for?

The course is for any woman of any age, from those who only imagined being with horses to those more experienced, albeit a bit rusty. This is as much about empowering you, as it is being with the horses. It is now time to do something for you, to rebuild your confidence, energy levels, self-esteem and to spend some time doing something that you will enjoy.

About the course coach

Caroline Tomlinson is the founder and CEO of the charity My Life Legacy. She is a qualified riding instructor, life coach, trainer and mentor. Her ‘horsey career’ came to a halt when her son contracted meningitis at six months old and was left with complex disabilities. Caroline had to discover a new dream and a new pathway to live a good life, albeit different to what she had planned.  She works with people to empower, coach and encourage every individual  to live a good life and is now combining all of her learning with the wonderful facilities at Thompson House Equestrian Centre, to help those struggling right now.

The course costs £55 per session or £250 for the full course of five weeks

Participants should attend all sessions to maximise the full benefit and feel-good factor.

This includes refreshments and lunch from The Stable Door Café & Ice Cream Parlour.

Income generated from this course will support the wonderful work of our charity, enabling our members to benefit from the joys of our horses and other animals.


My Life, Thompson House Equestrian Centre, Pepper Lane, Standish, Wigan, WN6 0PP.

To Book

Call 01257 472900 or email info@my-life.org.uk.

This course is not restricted to women and can be tailored to the needs of other individuals and groups, including work-place team building, much needed after separation caused by the pandemic.

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