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My Life is on the move!

My Life is on the move! From mid September 2014, we will be moving to a new base at Thompson House, off Pepper Lane, Standish, Wigan, WN6 0PP.

And to celebrate the launch of My Life’s new inclusive opportunities, we teamed up with our partners Compassion in Action Rainbow Eco Farm and Thompson House Equestrian Centre to host at a country fair on 6/7 September 2014 – see the highlights here.

For our new inclusive day time opportunities, we have recruited a wide range of expert associates to deliver workshops, including professional chefs, joiners, craftsfolk, quilters, artists, musicians, singers, actors, bakers, bush crafters, and outdoor education tutors, to name a few. We have also got some really experienced support coaches, who provide support to enable everyone to join in. The workshops will enable people of all ages and abilities to come along and learn a wide range of skills. If you need support it will be available on site, you can bring your own support, or you can simply just join in. There will be something for everyone, and as people start to connect and get to know each other people they will make friends in a great environment doing something they enjoy.

It doesn’t matter if you are 90 years old, have dementia, a learning disability, a mental health issue or are simply are fed up with talking to the four walls, there will be something for everyone. Even during the school holidays there will be inclusive holiday clubs going on for children and young people of all ages. Our mission is that every customer will go back down our wonderfully long drive with a smile on their face, knowing they have made some new connections and friendships!

There will be a cost, but we anticipate that most people will use their their personal budget or some may want to pay for the workshops themselves. Our prices are competitive and we will offer great value for money, but we also believe that our associates should be paid a decent wage for delivering our workshops to maintain the quality, so we have designed a charging policy which we think is fair. Our membership offers discounts to members so it is really worth becoming a member as you will be able to access things both on and off site.

For more info, contact us on 01257 252288 or email info@my-life.org.uk


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