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wigan_councilWe offer a range of confidential, independent advocacy services to help you to make choices about your life, understand your rights and get your voice heard.

How to get an Advocate
You can make a referral or ask a friend or relative to make one on your behalf. We also take referrals from professionals.

advocateHow to make a Referral
You can phone 01257 472900, send an email to advocacy@my-life.org.uk or use the form below.
Office hours; Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM.
Alternatively, face-to-face appointments can be arranged at mutually convenient venues.

Independent Advocacy Brochure Community Advocacy Brochure

Independent Advocacy Referral Form

Please complete this form to request an Independent Advocate from My Life.

1. About the person who needs an Advocate
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2. About the person making the referral
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3. Why is an Advocate required?
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